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Is this even the right way to use crystal violet as a stain?

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(In the Tech category because this is a science procedure thing.)

In the lab manual:

Place a drop of the yeast culture onto a microscope slide using a pipet.  Ad a drop of crystal violet stain to the rop of yeast culture on the microscope slide.  [Then a]dd a cover slip over the yeast culture/stain fluid.

On the web:

  • Place the slide with smear(s)s up on a rack in a staining tray. You
    may find it convenient to leave the clothes pin attached. Flood the
    slide with Gram's crystal violet so that all of the dried material is
    covered. It is good practice to flood the entire slide from edge to
  • After 60 sec pick up the slide using the clothes pin and
    rinse the smear with water by squirting the slide above the smear and
    letting the water wash
    over it until the water runs clear. To keep the slide "clean"
    you might rinse the bottom as well, and make sure you have not trapped
    stain underneath the clothes pin where you have grabbed the slide. Note
    that the smears will be stained a bright blue.

Another source on the web: (albeit a prepared slide, not a wet mount)


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