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2.1 computer speakers with adjustable bass level seem to be a rarity?

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So I have a Logitech S220 that I bought a while ago and it has an adjustable bass.  That's it's cool feature.  It's less cool feature are a control pod that sometimes messes with whether you get audio in either or both left and right channels but that can be easily jiggled with.  It's even less cool feature at the current moment is the fact that one of the wires leading to the right speaker is rather iffy.

Trying to find another set of 2.1 computer speakers that has adjustable bass.  For some reason I've found only a few other such sets:
Insignia NS-PSB4521, which isn't sold anywhere anymore
Insignia NS-PCS21, which seems to be even older
Logitech Z213, which seems to be the only thing that's around the $30 price point and actually available these days
Creative Inspire T3300, which is like $50

Are they actually this uncommon or am I just having trouble finding them?


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    Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Okay, so it turns out they're not quite as rare as I thought. Office Depot offers the Logitech Z213 and their own store-brand Cyber Acoustics CA-3350 for $30 (the latter is on sale, normal price $40), while best buy offers their own store-brand Ingisnia NS-PSD5321 for $40 as well.
  • So it turns out they're more of a Starlight Glimmer?
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human

    So it turns out they're more of a Starlight Glimmer?

    i lol'd :D
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