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Legend Of Zelda.

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Why do people love this series? It's shit. I'm not trolling. LoZ is awful. The games are still the same old boring shit every time, the puzzles are difficult enough to be annoying but not complex enough to be interesting, the dungeons always follow the same format of "get item, use it to beat the boss" to the point of being horribly stale; even if new stuff is added in every game, it never innovates, the controls and physics are some the worst shit I've ever seen, the combat is boring and not complex enough to be anything other than banal shit, and a bunch of other bullshit. Every LoZ game that I've tried has bored me to death. Wind Waker was boring, Ocarina was worse, and I turned Majora's Mask off in about 5 minutes to play a vastly better game. The only thing this series has going for it is music, art direction, and the surpsingly deep characters and plot. But other than that, it's shit. LoZ is one of the worst games series I've ever played. It's shit. It's just plain awful. And yet, nearly every gamer in the world sucks its dick. What the fuck?


  • "LoZ is one of the worst games series I've ever played. It's shit. It's just plain awful."

    That's it. You're getting Back to the Future NES for Christmas.

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    They're somethin' else.
    oh look he mad

    So, I take it you've never played Link's Awakening? Boy, you're missing out.
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    Of course, because everyone must have the same opinion and no one could ever hate the beatiful glory of LoZ.

    I hate this series. I gave it a try and I hated it.
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    ^^^ There are plenty of worse games than Back to the Future.

    ^ ...
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    It's the worst game I remember actually playing.

    Alternatively, I was planning on finding some Virtual Console / WiiWare turd and sending it as a gift to Chagen. Maybe Happy Holidays: Christmas. Or Fireplacing.

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    They're somethin' else.
    Tell me specifically what you hate about the combat in detail, from game to game. I might agree with you then.
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    Ever heard of 'subjective'?

    I, for one, like it because it's an RPG that's not hugely reliant on combat, has puzzles, and isn't stat-based.
  • Of course, of course.

    Everyone knows that LoZ is objectively good, he must be trolling, instead of expressing his right to an opinion, no matter how unpopular.
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    ^^^^ Ah.  Well if nothing else, the Where's Waldo? game for the NES was worse than Back to the Future.  So play that and use that as an example of a bad game!

    I dunno.  I kind of like the Back to the Future game for nostalgic reasons. 
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    ^^When you use superlatives, it usually indicates a narrow experience with a medium. Hence why I brought up all those bad games.
  • I'll let you guys know that I had more fun playing Sonic 06 than I did any LoZ game.

    That's how much I hate LoZ.
  • They're somethin' else.
    You're more than allowed to express your opinion, Chagen. Understand, however, that I will greet you with reproach from here on.
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  • To be honest, this entire thread is another example of Nerd Culture that I despise.

    Nerd Culture erroneously believes that taste objective and all people must hold hands and that having a different opinion is horrible and must be eliminated.

    Should someone with a different opinion come along, Nerds will immediately mobilize against him/her, employing tactics to disprage the person and ensure that everyone remain the same.

    Because thinking differently is bad, mmkay?
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    They're somethin' else.
    Thinking different isn't bad. I only think you're a bad person.

    Of course, you can say the same thing of me.

    Isn't it wonderful, Chuggles?
  • To be honest, I'm losing faith in the Nerd Culture thing.

    I used to really believe it, but now I'm seeing how utterly ridiculous it looks.
  • They're somethin' else.
    You've grown so strong.
  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
    Majoras Mask was only good due to the Hype, and all of the weeaboo undertones of Twilight Princess and horsekin pandering was the only reason people liked it.
  • ^^^^^ ...

    ^^^ ...
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    "Everyone knows that LoZ is objectively good, he must be trolling, instead of expressing his right to an opinion, no matter how unpopular."

    No, it's a subjective opinion. Like I stated.

    But yes. You can expect people to be a bit upset when you accuse them of "sucking its' dick".

    And when you say things like "LoZ is one of the worst games series I've ever played. It's shit. It's just plain awful.", why are you surprised when fans of the series speak up in its' defence?
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    Now that I have time to post something other than memes, I actually do agree with the 3D games' combat being stale (based on Ocarina of Time's and Majora's Mask's, as these are the ones I've played. If the other games' is substantially different, disregard this), not because it's simple, as I don't think it is and this doesn't even have to be a bad thing, but because it's very easy, meaning the enemies are just... there, kinda taking the feeling of adventure away from exploring (whether it is dungeons or the overworld). For the most part this is too big a deal for me, unfortunately.

    Still, if you don't make thoughtful complaints, don't expect thoughtful replies.
  • If you must eat a phoenix, boil it, do not roast it. This only encourages their mischievous habits.
    I'm kinda glad else I'd suck at it >_>
  • I like how you made an entire post saying nothing bar hyperbolic shit about LOZ, then when people disagreed with you, you started crying on the pity pipe "Waaah, why wont any one let me have my opinions!".

    We're allowed opinions too, and it's in my opinion that you're a stupid little dick who clearly doesn't know what they're talking about.
  • ☭Unstoppable Sex Goddess☭
    Chagen has now discovered how to use Objectivity in the incorrect way....all is lost.

    I don't even fucking know what to post anymore.

    This has clearly become pointless. When you begin to declare reasons why the things you dislike are objective statements, there is no hope for trying to reason with them.

  • Chagen can't appreciate how awesome Zelda games are?

    There is justice in this world!

    Chagen, this is pretty much trolling for attention. You could have easily phrased things in a way that would make for some decent discussion, but nope, you have to make believe you're the lone rebel against an army of tasteless drones. You act insulting and hyperbolic and react with surprise when the favor is returned.

    I'm starting to wonder if you have any real sense of self-awareness. 
  • They're somethin' else.
    Its funny how hearing what someone has to say about games I love changes my opinion of them completely XDDDDDD
  • I haven't even played Legend of Zelda, but Chagen?

    Try defending your opinion.
  • ^ This. Instead of bitching about your right to an opinion, how about you clarify shit?
  • "That's it. You're getting Back to the Future NES for Christmas."

    Fuck you, I had that game.

    Note: The following was written in response to the OP without reading the rest of the thread.

    I like Legend of Zelda. I just think it needs some originality. The only part of Twilight Princess I really liked was the boss battles. Those were fucking epic. OoT was good, but I never finished that game as a kid. Why? I was too scared to go through the Forest Temple. You can't blame me for that one- those Floormasters are fucking creepy.

    Majora's Mask is good, but I never got that far. That said, I have a copy on my GameCube. It was a pre-order thing. I'll have to beat that some day.
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