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Announcement that includes the rules. You should probably read it!

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La vie en rose

If y'all wanna emigrate here from TVTropes, this is the place to be.  It's hip and happening!

Just a few rules:
MAIN RULE: Be smart and sensible! In other words, don't be a jerk or an idiot.
Rule 2a: Don't export/import a war or plot against any users. You may criticize people, but keep the tone civil and try not to make this board a place to rag on fellow Tropers.
Rule 2b: Don't export/import a war against any website or community.
Rule 3: Avoid drama on TVTropes about IJBM vs. Yack Fest. Both are good places. Let's keep both places good.
Rule 4: No pornography on this board. You may link to NSFW images (though keep it to a minimum) but actual images are a no-no. Also, no illegal stuff such as warez, child porn, controlled substances, or campaign finance violations.  If you click on stuff that's marked NSFW, then that's your responsibility.  We moderators will try to make sure that stuff that's NSFW is marked such, but cannot guarantee that anything is correctly marked; use this forum at your own risk.
Rule 5: Shitposting (i.e. posting nearly-meaningless posts for little or no relevant reason), a.k.a. "wonderposting", is permitted, but thou shalt wonderpost with restraint. The exception are threads that in the category "wonderful posts"--those are fair game.  For other threads, especially if they contain an actual conversation, wonderposting may be frowned upon.  If people are already having a real conversation, or if someone expresses the desire for an actual conversation about the topic, please do not wonderpost (anymore) in that thread.
Rule 6: Don't impersonate other users. It may be hard to resist the urge to sign up "Longfeiiovv" or "Gienn Magus Harvoy" and start some mischief, but usernames are precious guardians of identity and of order and we want to keep them that way.  Since you have an entire world's worth of possible usernames to choose from, violating this rule may result in an instant ban.  (If you have a serious and legitimate name issue, talk to us admins.) Same goes for avatars to a lesser extent. It would be preferable if each of you stuck to completely different avatars so we could tell your posts by sight.
Rule 7: No spamming.  Particularly blatant spammers can and will be instantly banned.

In general, it would be nice if we can keep the same tenor we had at TVTropes. 
Message me or Glenn Magus Harvey if you have any concerns, including reporting rule-breaking.

The new boards shouldn't take too much time getting used to, if you've been on other message boards. Formatting is done by using the buttons on top of where you type your post; there are buttons for bold/italic/underline/etc., highlights, lists, justify, and inserting pictures and links (and breaking links).  To edit as raw HTML, click the "<>" button at the far right. You guys can experiment on your own to see what else you can do. Check out the Sandbox thread.

Categories are kinda like sub-forums. Here's my explanation for each:
General: for what fits nowhere else which in itself bugs me in a big way. Feel free to complain about the weather.
Media: about Justin Bieber and other gripable vessels of entertainment. Or lack thereof. I don't actually hate Justin Bieber.
Philosophy: for flame wars or, if you don't like being banned by my arbitrary administrative hammer, for discussing religion like gentleman. Whatever, that's for wusses.
Meatspace: for real life and what little time I spend in it.
Webspace: for the internet and how much time I waste on it.
IJBM meta: complain about IJBM.
Wonderful posts: this is where you put shitty snowclones and joke threads. IJAM-like threads belong in this category, and try to keep them to a minimum.


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    List of admins/mods:

    * funnyguts
    * glennmagusharvey
    * INUH
    * Longfellow
    * Unknown_Entity (webmaster)


    Generic comment.

    (Author's note: Original first post was a meta-post, hence this response.)
  • And now I unannounced it.
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    You retconman!
  • But you never had any to begin with.
    Well, we're already retconning the deletion of IJBM, so it's fitting.
  • Retconned yet again to make this the real announcements thread! Damn, I'm good.
  • Kamen Rider MADOKA
    Well, as long as what made IJBM even worse doesn't get here, I'll be coming more often. ;D
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    I'm going to try something:
    This is BBCode for italics
    This is HTML for italics
    This is me plugging my parody of American Pie here and here.
    This is me noting that hyperlink () tags work too.
  • Are animated avatars possible?
  • Well, this is... different. =d
  • Could we have a rules thread of some sort? This doesn't seem to go into much detail.

    Trash: Nope, I've already tried it.
  • ~♥YES♥~! I *AM* a ~♥cupcake♥~! ^_^
  • oh a preview button! thank you jesus!
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    TheMightyAnonym: Did you just create a fake hyperlink? You bastard! I once did something like that on Uncyclopedia. It was awesome.
  • But you never had any to begin with.
    I accidentally created a fake hyperlink earlier. I forgot a ".
  • If that don't work, use more gun.
    Shouldn't we have some rules?
  • Rule #1: Fuck you.

    Rule #2: No, seriously. Fuck you.

    Can we use these rules?
  • They don't seem conducive to a very welcoming, enjoyable environment...
  • How about this:

    Rule #1: Don't be a dick

    and then every other rule is a clarification of #1.
  • Going srs mode for a minute, that strikes me as fine.

    But honestly, I like acting a bit of a dick sometimes. Can one of the rules be the Rule of Funny?
  • I think "Don't be an idiot" needs to be added to that.
  • It probably should, given last time...
  • Does that mean all idiots get banned?
  • All it means is that you shouldn't be an idiot.

    Nothing less. Nothing more.
  • Rules are for suckers. A completely unmoderated site means no work for the mods.

    Except, of course, for parts where they might have legal liability-usually in regards to threats of actual violence and posting links to child pornography and stuff like that. You can't have TOTALLY unmoderated forums or you're boned.
  • I guess we don't really need rules or moderation at this point. There needs to be more idiots for that.

    That is, a number greater than zero.
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    Tomu. So, what you essentially said was: "rules are for suckers, but we need rules".

    We need rules, dude. We'll all regret it if we don't.
  • ~♥YES♥~! I *AM* a ~♥cupcake♥~! ^_^
    This is the one, and only official rule. It allows for wonderposting, weirdness, heated debate, and just about anything, as much as you want. SO long as you don't take it too far.

    The Rule: Don't be a dick.

    That's it.
  • Idiocy and Dickishness are hard to seperate.
  • I am not sure about what kind of rules the forum should have, but I actually would like the 'no personal attacks" rule to come back here.

    I am not sure if I could go for a "no idiocy" rule because I am pretty sure I act like an idiot from time to time.

    Regardless, I think that if we actually set up anything more complicated than a single simple rule, people should vote on the rules if at all possible.
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    How about a rule of "No snowclones unless you can somehow justify their being valid topics in their own right?"

    Also, should we recreate fetishes, or should we abide by the terms of service here and not discuss sexual issues?

    Or will I just resort to posting pictures of swimwear advertisements?
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