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Girls on the internet.



  • is it anything like goatse?
  • But you never had any to begin with.
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    Has friends besides tanks now
    ^^ Wut yew talkin' 'bout, bro?

    ^^^ I dunno. This thread is still interesting. More so than most of the others. Even after the drama ended.
  • What i'm talking about boils down to "If you want to stop a thread dead in its tracks and laugh yoru ass off doing so brign up goatse"
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    Has friends besides tanks now
    Okay. That won't quite work. I was just a little perplexed at how you managed to reference Goatse in a thread that did not warrant it. I would have chuckled if I were not in a class at the moment.
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    Goatse's old, though.
  • What is Goatse anyway?
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    Has friends besides tanks now
    It's an image of an old man opening his asshole wide enough to see inside it. I haven't seen it, but given what it is, I don't exactly see what I would gain from it. Same with 2 Girls 1 Cup.

    V Thanks for the correction.
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    But you never had any to begin with.
    Still image, not a video. I believe the original site was taken down, but it got mirrored.
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    I've had the unfortune of seeing Goatse.

    I think what's most disturbing about these shock sites is that you know they aren't fake.

    And in the case of 2 Girls 1 Cup, that someone in the world jerks to it.
  • oooh I need to send that to my m other.
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    Has friends besides tanks now
    ^^ I think the most shocking one I've heard of was where some Polish(?) Ukrainian guys beat someone to death with a hammer and put a video up on the Internet.

    Actually, it turns out they were spree murderers.

    Also, "misfortune." Just being pedantic, don't mind me.
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    That's.....not very good.

    /part Polish
  • Hey my moms fourth husbend was Polish.
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    Has friends besides tanks now
    Oh, my bad. They're actually Ukrainian. I seem to be having trouble keeping the small details straight.

    Here you go, if you want a look at what I'm talking about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dnepropetrovsk_maniacs
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    But you never had any to begin with.
    Assuming you mean the "Dnepropetrovsk maniacs", they were Ukranian.

  • Okay.

    (on a random note, Polish is a really nasal language. It sounds like you're talking through your nose half the time)
  • Pollitics is a simmilarly unusual langauge it sounds like your talking out of your ass half the time.
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    Battle Scowler
    Hey, Chuggles, there's this author by the name of John Green, and he is a pretty nifty fellow.  You should check out his books.

    In other news, when you set a girl on a pedestal, you are denying her her right to be fallible, human, and most importantly, herself. In idealizing, in placing all your hopes and dreams of what she could be on top of who she really is, you wind up with a big puddle of disappointment in the end.

    This discussion has probably moved on since I typed this before I fell asleep.
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    Encountering Goatse for the first time is your internet bar mitzvah. It's not impressive to brag about staring into the abyss anymore, we've all been there.
  • I've spent nearly a decade on the Internet, and never once seen goatse or any other shock site. I feel oddly proud of this.
  • -reads the thread-

    Well that whole mess was a bizzare and interesting trip to say the least.
  • As a petty and vindictive person, I have to take extra steps not to appear petty and vindictive.
    I've also encounter "Nerd Digger" syndrome as well, when an unattractive female attempts to snag a mate from the depths of neckbeardism. It seems to be closely linked to GOTIS, but is arguably worse.

    That's gotta be one of the saddest foreve- alone-esque misogynistic rants I have ever, ever read.
  • Hello Bon.

    I think the whole thing was just sort of bizarre to read.
  • I skipped the whole thing.
  • I read about 3 posts of this thread, other than what's on this page.
  • I am at work and bored so I damaged my mental stability and read it.
  • I didn't have any in the first place.
  • Touche sir. 

  • @ OP

    Try not to treat all womenfolks on the net as a monolith. If you desperately need some sort of manual for interaction, use the community she's posting on as general impression to go by. And if you just want to cyber, there are probably oodles of sites for the sole purpose of that.

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