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Girls on the internet.



  • Quit being a whiny bitch and man up.
    @OP: Take a break form the internet, then go out and enjoy the real word; you'll thank me later.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    Granted, the real world isn't a great source of information on social interaction.  Said real world proffers to men ideas like going to bars and hitting on women while drunk while attempting to look very smooth, and seems to give short-term rewards to picking up and having sex with women.
  • Quit being a whiny bitch and man up.
    Or you could you know....go to a bookstore and make conversation.
  • Or you know hang out with people, talk with them and then get to know them better.  Like normal folks do.
  • Creature - Florida Dragon Turtle Human
    That is taken for granted by most people and unfortunately flies under the radar when someone queries their mind for "how do I gotten girlfriend?".
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